Backyard Water Features for Your Home

If you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your back yard, consider adding an outdoor water feature. It will create a tranquil setting with soothing water sounds and comfortable appeal. You can choose from a variety of unique Jacksonville backyard water features for your home.


There’s nothing like the sound of running water to create a relaxing atmosphere in your landscape. Whether it’s a small, slow trickle of water running down a rock wall or a gushing wall of water pouring into a swimming pool, a waterfall is a great backyard feature for your home. You can build a free-standing waterfall that creates a beautiful focal point or an integrated waterfall that’s part of a swimming pool or spa. A swimming pool waterfall can add unique design style to your pool, as well as a functional element. The flow of water from a waterfall can act as a pool pump that keeps your pool water clean.


An outdoor fountain in your back yard can create a peaceful area for relaxation and quiet conversations. A custom-built fountain can be designed in a variety of natural materials including marble and stone or man-made materials that resemble more expensive natural materials. You can place your fountain in a beautiful garden bed, near an outdoor patio, or in a quiet corner of the yard. You can also place your fountain in a backyard swimming pool to add visual appeal and fun atmosphere for swimmers who may enjoy swimming under sprays or jets from the fountain.


A small, backyard pond will provide a wonderful gathering area for family events and outdoor entertaining. By adding a couple of outdoor benches, guests can sit comfortably next to the pond and enjoy a tranquil, relaxing setting. A backyard pond will also create a calm, private place to enjoy your morning coffee, read your favorite novel, or relax in your hammock on a spring afternoon. To create a unique backyard focal point, fill your pond with beautiful koi fish, lush greenery, and soft, underwater lighting.

If you have a large back yard, you may have room for several water features, but if your yard is small, keep it simple. If space is limited, choose one water feature and keep the size proportionate to the size of the yard and other backyard features. If you’re designing a custom water feature, choose materials that enhance existing materials and colors on your home and in your landscape.

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