Is It Better to Start Remodeling In the Kitchen or Bathroom?

Determining a perfect starting point for kitchen and bathroom remodeling is not always an easy task. No two situations will be the same. Below are a few considerations to make that will prove helpful in this decision process.

Unusable Areas

It is often thought that a bathroom remodel takes less time, since the area is smaller, but this is not always correct. There are a few specifics that come into play in the time it takes to complete projects. Smaller areas can be more difficult to work in and there may be more work involved if you are changing out a lot of items, changing plumbing, fixtures and more. You must determine which area you can do without for the amount of time needed to make the improvements.


Budget and Project Scope

Having the money in the budget for the project will have bearing on which project gets finished first. Once again, the bathroom might be a smaller space overall, but depending on the scope of the project, the cost might be equal or more. Make sure you are aware of what the costs will be for each project and include this in your decision-making.


Are all remodeling decisions made?

Each project requires decisions being made about the materials being used, the layout and the extent of work to be done. You want to make sure that no matter whether the kitchen, or bathroom remodel comes first, there is a solid plan of action made from the start. There will be unavoidable problems if all materials and costs are not discussed and agreed upon. You do not want to deal with any hidden costs or unavoidable delays you were not made aware of.


Which area are you wanting to be refurbished first?

If all else fails, create a list and add reasons that are important to get the remodel done in the kitchen and another list for the bathroom. Add everything you can think of. Use this as leverage in making your decision. There are most likely specific reasons that make one area of more immediate importance than the other for you and your family.

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