Making Home Improvements and Upping Curb Appeal Painless This Summer

Every home owner wants their prized investment to be worth more. Home improvement tasks, however, can be overwhelming, usually requiring extensive planning and weighing decisions, buying materials, and hiring sometimes-dishonest contractors. Performing outdoor renovations is difficult, as well, requiring the same effort home improvement tasks call for. Not only is increasing the value of homes challenging, many home owners simply don’t have enough time.

Fortunately for you, here are several totally do-able ideas, tips, and tricks for increasing the value and visual of your home this summer season.

Power washing

Power washing requires no knowledge, expertise, or know-how to clean up your home. Concrete walkways, driveways, stepping stones, vinyl siding, brick, and other sturdy surfaces can be revitalized by using a power washer. These machines can be expensive, although many equipment rental businesses have power washers for rent at relatively low prices.

All you need to get started is a working, outdoor source of water and — obviously — a power washer. Make sure to research what surfaces are compatible with these machines, as they are capable of chipping paint or damaging other surfaces. Don’t forget your safety glasses!


Sprucing up shrubs, bushes, flower beds, and other plant or garden areas is certain to boost any home’s appeal. Fortunately, most landscaping needs are easily met, as no previous experience is required.

Mulching flower beds with bright reddish-brown mulch is affordable and shoots curb appeal through the proverbial roof. Planting quick-growing, trim-friendly shrubs including rhododendron, boxwood, and Leyland cypress species makes homes more appealing, as well. Consider designing and constructing a flower bed with outlay stones, potting soil, and — of course — beautiful flowers. Make sure to plan seasonality of flowers out to ensure year-round curb appeal.

Tree trimming

Few home owners — or anybody, for that matter — have the equipment and expertise required to cut down, trim, and prune trees. Besides, working with tall, hefty trees is outright dangerousPrecision Tree Service is a top Seattle-based tree trimming service that also clears wooded lots and enhances views outdoors.

Their team of experts is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, ensuring any home owner of complete safety. This Washington-area tree servicer can carry out virtually any tree-related task you need to liven up your home.

Installing new ceiling fans

Trading out old, outdated, unattractive ceiling fans for newer models makes rooms far more attractive. Changing out existing ceiling fans, rather than installing fans in areas without one in place already, requires only a few hours to complete, and no fancy tools. Follow manufacturers’ instructions when installing new ceiling fans to add stability to your new fans.

Many home improvement tasks are difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. However, improvements detailed above are not challenging to carry out as most other jobs. Be careful when installing new appliances, power washing, and having trees cut down. Aim to stay safe first, rather than placing curb appeal first. Now go out and get busy!

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