Trees and Fountains: 5 Ways to Transform Your Backyard

If you’re tired of your bland, boring backyard, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Here are just a few suggestions for adding some zest to your outdoor recreation area.

Trees and Fountains: 5 Ways to Transform Your Backyard

  1. Treat Your Grass

First things first: Who wants their kids to play on dull and discolored grass? Treat it with some water and fertilizer to bring it back to full vibrancy. Not only will it look more attractive with your ministrations, but you’ll also be able to start a garden or grow tasty vegetables with healthier soil underneath the grass.

  1. Have a Focal Point

What’s the biggest feature in your yard? It might be a pool, gazebo, fire pit, barbeque pit or just a raised sitting area where your guests can socialize over drinks. Whatever it is, make it the centerpiece of your backyard with all other design elements revolving around it. This will give symmetry and style to the entire area.

  1. Trim Your Trees

If you have branches hanging over your roof or dangling near your windows, it’s important to get them cut right away. They’re more than just an eyesore: They’re also potentially dangerous hazards if a storm blows through your neighborhood with high winds. Go ahead and get in touch with a tree trimming service Pinellas County. After the next storm, you’ll be glad that you did.

  1. Add Water Features

Running water is a great way to add a little sophistication to your yard. The easiest option is something like a marble bird fountain, but you can also create a man-made pond and fill it with fish and gently-turning water wheels. It can be the start of your very own zen garden.

  1. Bring In Some Color

Plant bright yellow sunflowers and deep red roses behind the shed. Paint your fence a pale pink to contrast with your green lawn. Toss some multicolored pillows on your patio. There are many ways to bring a little color to your backyard, so have fun and embrace the rainbow. It’s a backyard, not a dining hall, so you can afford to be a little kitschy.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of backyard beautification ideas, it should be enough to get you started. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination carry you even further with more ideas and more decorations!

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